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Human communication begins with sound.


Human communication begins with sound.

Whether it is to share knowledge and ideas, research or experiences with a large audience or maybe an opportunity to meet, connect, exchange ideas and build relationships, sound is at the core of communication.
Sound conveys linguistic and non-linguistic information such as tone, emphasis, emotion and more. These nuances are critical in effective communication and therefore sound is at the centre of all we do at Atlantic Audio.
But visual aids can greatly enhance audio communication and provide context, clarification and increase engagement. They also support non-verbal communication, reinforcing gestures and body language to contribute to a more effective and meaningful communication experience. Visual aids can also benefit the presenters – think of speaker timing and prompters.
Finally we can bring the power of live streaming to your event. This gives your event increased reach and improved engagement. It can often be more convenient, cost-effective and also makes events accessible to people with disabilities or who cannot travel. Finally it allows recording of the event for archive purposes or for people to “watch-back”.
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We offer a range of audio-visual solutions for the in-person business meeting as well as hybrid or fully virtual events

Broadcast / Stream

Live Stream/Record

Choose our Canon 4K PTZ robotic and fixed lens cameras and a range of tested hardware solutions to live reliably stream your event whatever your budget.

Live Events

Live Performing Arts

Over 20 years of experience across every art form, theatre, dance, music, spectacle and spoken word.

Promoting social diversity and inclusion.

Social Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting social diversity and inclusion.

Atlantic Audio Ltd actively seek to promote social diversity and inclusion in Irish society and within our workplace. If you are planning a project with these aims at its core, please get in touch. We are willing to support in some small way any initiative that makes our society a more inclusive place for all its people.

Remote Production

Testimonial Quote

we have been impressed by the high quality, reliability, flexibility and professionalism of Atlantic Audio. With hybrid events here to stay, we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Dr Marian Thérèse Keyes

Senior Executive Librarian with dlr Libraries at dlr LexIcon

Live Event

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Over the years we have worked on Global and Local Events together and Alex’s professionalism and continued attitude to better any event is a rare commodity in this industry.

Johnny Donnelly

General Manager, Arcana Global Events

Live Stream

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Flexible, easy going and super professional, I would highly recommend them for any events, gigs or festivals and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Julia Gordon,

Manager,Workplace & Employee Services, EA Ireland

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